For Your Life's Purpose

A is for Alignment

Searching for the “right fit” for your undergraduate education is not an easy task.

C is for Culture

If you were one of the 12 Apostles, would you be proud hosting Jesus for a visit to the campus of your college choice?

E is for Engagement with the Christian Tradition

The earliest form of education served to introduce the youth to culture— a group’s particular customs, values, and practices.

Charisms & Catholic Higher Education

You are considering a particular school for your higher education experience. You notice its history and something about charisms.

Does A College Education Make A Difference?

A brief survey of our corporate, military, political, and community leadership…at the national, state, and local level…affirms that it does matter.

Framing the Catholic Indicators

Not long ago, most American Catholic colleges and universities (CCUs) were easily identifiable by their adherence to a few first principles.

Holy Week & Catholic Higher Education

Not long ago, most American Catholic colleges and universities (CCUs) were easily identifiable by their adherence to a few first principles.

New Years Day & Catholic Higher Education

In the Catholic faith tradition, January 1st is a Holy Day of Obligation as we celebrate Mary as the Mother of God.

Student Ambassador Questions… Easy as A-B-C

Are there key questions to ask a Student Ambassador on a campus tour that would help a prospective student assess institutional Catholic identity?

Teachers are Researchers… Researchers are Teachers

Every college or university approaches their mission differently and they all have a vision of what they want to be into the future.

Theology or Religious Studies? What You Should Know…

As you conduct your search for a Catholic college or university, you will encounter a variety of approaches with the academic programs.

Third of Seven Ages

This is the time in your life when you are thinking about your future in terms of your 3 C’s: the Choices you will make with regard to your future Commitments and Contributions.

Top 10 Reasons for Catholic Higher Education

The first universities were all Catholic … Catholic Colleges/Universities (CCUs) are not new to higher education.

What is a Good Catholic College?

Recently I was asked, essentially, what is a good Catholic college? Sixty years ago the question probably would have been framed differently.

What is a Mandatum?

One question you should ask is, “how many of the theologians hold a mandatum?”

What Should Worry You in this Search Process?

Catholic higher education focuses on YOU! The enterprise exists for the purpose of preparing students for their life’s purpose.

Why the Liberal Arts Foundation?

Why go to college? What does a “higher education” mean to me? What is the ultimate purpose of education?
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