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A Useful Tool

All of the tools and resources that CatholicHigherEd offers is based on The Collins Method for evaluating the strength of institutional identity. In order to help you use this research in your college search, we’ve put together The Collins College Report Card. This easy to use tool is meant to aid you during the research phase and on-campus visit to any particular institution. The Report Card features a listing of each of the signal features, along with examples and a 5 point rating scale. Print out the Report Card and take it along with you. When you’re ready to make a decision, use the completed Report Cards to help you evaluate each institution and make an informed decision.



Level the Field

No school is perfect. Yet, being able to confidently and completely evaluate each institution on its merits is critically important to the college choice process. The Report Card helps you to grade each institution’s strengths and weakness and then to view all of your options from the same perspective.



Observing and grading an institution based on the 15 Signal Features during an on-campus visit can be overwhelming. With the Report Card, you have all of the Features listed, along with examples of each Feature, in an easy to use and highly portable tool.


Easy Ratings

Ratings are subjective and the weight that you give to each Signal Feature will depend on what you value. The Report Card employs an easy to use 5 point grading scale. Simply judge an institution’s strength on a particular Feature and assign it a grade of 1-5.

Download the Collins College Report Card

Are you ready to check out the Collins College Report Card for yourself? Print as many copies as you need throughout your college search.