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Teachers are Researchers... Researchers are Teachers

You have made a big decision at attend college. This particular experience is not for everyone…for a variety of reasons. Why are you going to college? I’m sure you have reflected on this question but foundational to this choice must be your desire to...

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Why the Liberal Arts Foundation?

Why go to college? What does a “higher education” mean to me? What is the ultimate purpose of education? What will I do with my life? What is real happiness? Should my college experience focus on personal growth or career opportunities – or both? Whe...

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Theology or Religious Studies? What You Should Know...

As you conduct your search for a Catholic college or university, you will encounter a variety of approaches with the academic programs. They vary for very good reasons: 220+ institutions with differing visions and missions; the charism of a particula...

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As you reflect upon the Catholic colleges and universities you are considering, my Collins College Report Card tool offers my ACE framework for your use during the search process: Alignment, Culture, and Engagement with the Christian tradition. The f...

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Dr. Tim Collins, Seventh President of Walsh University
DR. TIM COLLINS is the seventh president of Walsh University.

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