For Your Life's Purpose

10. The first universities were all Catholic … Catholic Colleges/Universities (CCUs) are not new to higher education. The Roman Catholic Church (est. A.D. 33) started higher education institutions in A.D. 1088. Yup … they have been “at it” for over 900 years. No one else can make that claim.

9. Built on the 2,000 year-old foundation of the Catholic intellectual tradition … recognizing man’s journey is to discover the Truth not to create it.

8. Advocates for your continuing questions—keep asking “why”—as you gain insight bringing together faith and reason in a “uni-versity” or integrated approach to seeking the Truth … no need to stop because, “s/he says.”

7. Provides an environment that helps you to consider how your actions contribute to the Common Good … regardless of your faith tradition.

6. Teaches you how to think and act with reason in the context of something larger than yourself … what you do always counts.

5. Encourages you to think about and act upon service towards others as a way of life … how to be selfless instead of selfish.

4. Supports the development of life-long habits that encourage a happy and healthy lifestyle … leading to a long and productive existence.

3. Forms—not just informs—you for a career and for a life that excels in virtue. Most businesses are seeking employees who are intelligent, honest, and caring … as are colleagues … as are spouses … as are children … as are neighbors … as are real friends.

2. Offers an experience geared to helping you determine your life’s purpose … not just how you will earn a living.

1. Focus is on the whole person: intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social … life will insist you are prepared in all four dimensions.

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Dr. Tim Collins, Seventh President of Walsh University
DR. TIM COLLINS is the seventh president of Walsh University.